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Guidelines in Composing Country Music

Written on March 22, 2013 at 4:03 pm, by


Composing country music has the need of creativity as well as experience. Whenever you are writing country songs, make use of expression emotions that are at liberty such as sadness, happiness, love, optimism, and hate. Begin by scripting down your thoughts and before going back to change it into an organized song that is fixed to a good melody. Here are a number of useful guidelines that are capable of helping you during that moment that you are writing country music.

The entire country songs are composed around the “hanger.” It is an expression which is recurrent in a lot of times in a country song. It creates the song to be notable. The hanger comes primarily in the song, frequently in chorus; it is reiterated a lot of times.

Prior to composing a country tune, cautiously heed to prevalent country tunes and make a note of their composition. Write out and revise the lyrics for the reason that this run through will compel you to be more accustomed with the construction of country tunes. You will finally learn how designs emerge and in what way they are able to be functional to your musical structures. This will guide you to turning out to be an operational and effective country writer.

Composing country music needs concrete chord developments. The words are scripted around and built from the instrumental harmonies. As a country music composer, always bear in mind that great looking lyrics may not match into the structure of the song. They need fine pitching and reorganization to supplement the music.

Composing simple words that express a narrative is at the very core of composing country song lyrics. Into the bargain, you must not be scared of strange music construction in view of the fact that a number of the majority of the popular tunes have ruined the rules. Your plainness in composing country lyrics can be the trademark of your market leader song.

The Processes of Writing Music

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Music inscription is a talent form that comprises writing lines and the inscription of the contributory music trail and taping the singing parts. The quantity of work that extends into a completed song is remarkable, and no matter whatever type of melody it is, what type, each song creation follows the similar steps or has the identical portions. One of the greatest important paces is the melody writing slice. Like lyrics, composing music is a talent, it is an imaginative procedure. Scripting music can be demanding process, you may devote hours functioning on anything but the finish result may be unacceptable or may simply not be what you are searching for. The music script procedure is mostly related to only with the placing down of the trails for instruments and does not include the lines of vocal portions.

A significant skill for tune writing is the aptitude to jot down and interpret symbols and musical notes. The tune that the author comes up with is put in writing to paper with the aid or symbols that resemble to melodic notes and are organized read in the method of music. The placing down of melody in the system of notes and signs makes it stress-free to come back to definite parts without taking effort to change the other parts. The process of music writing may possibly precede the poetic writing part, but occasionally the music is shaped and confirmed first and then words are inscribed to match the music.

Occasionally it can take sheer hours to accomplish the music writing procedure while other periods it may yield a few days if the correct sound is not brought into being or if that correct note is lost and the song just does not fit accurately. This is the reason why it is likewise frequently said that inscription of music is a difficult procedure that necessitates times upon times of functioning on the resonances and the instruments.

Latest Music for Year 2013

Written on February 17, 2013 at 7:01 am, by

music 2013

“Music makes the people come together”, this is one of the most popular line of songs that we will always remember from Madonna. Definitely, music gives people a lot of reasons to smile and celebrate. With whatever kinds of music that we hear, there are hidden emotions behind those songs. It is true when we say that behind every beautiful song is an untold story. Most of the song writers are keeping their emotions and one way of their release is to write their songs.

This year, a lot are excited on what would be the latest trend of music and whether it be still good to hear and good to feel. When it comes to the different genres of music, we all know that there are lots of those. However, the only thing that matters is that they way it affects and tickle the hearts of the ones listening to it. With this year, there would be hearing new songs for sure. However, we can still be certain that whether New Year comes, the genres of music will still be as good as they are.

Here are some of the new expected types of music to come out this year. Check this out!


  1. Long songs. This is an all-time favorite genre of music and it ranges from teenagers to adults. With those people in the world who are in love and even for those who fall out of love, love songs are the top in the rank when it comes to the most favored song they listen. Therefore, with this year, it is still expected that love songs will still rock the world with its melody and lyrics. There would be new artists releasing their new albums and we are pretty sure, love songs are part of it.

  2. Ballad songs. There are also some songs coming out this year which is most poetic in lyrics and they call it ballad. These songs are mostly sung by male singers and in which it also carries a strong emotion. This is mostly felt by those male listeners also who had been in love and broken for some time.

  3. R&B. Our world without this music will turns out dull. Thus, it is also expected that this year people will enjoy listening, dance and groove with they call RNB music. These are mostly the music love by those dancers as well.

What You Need to Know about Christian Weddings

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Every religious affiliation has its own wedding customs and traditions that couples are urged to follow. Marriage is a celebration that commences the start of a new level the couple’s life. It signifies union, and faith undeniably plays a big role in every union. Some religious marriages call for monks while Christian weddings call for priests. In some marriages, brides don’t necessarily have to wear white wedding dresses, but others urge their brides to be in white. Christianity, one of the biggest religious sects in the world, also has its own share of wedding customs and traditions that most people still practice today.

White wedding dresses

While some brides these days have started wearing colored wedding dresses, it used to be that Christian weddings were a sight to behold as brides strut in ethereal, white gowns with veil that covers their faces from the processional march. The veil is only opened after the wedding ceremony once the priest has blessed their union and the husband can already kiss his bride. White modest wedding dresses are a celebration of purity and the white color signifies virginity. Christians strongly believe that one should remain virgin until she has been married. Self-control is always encouraged in Christianity as they believe that engaging with pre-marital sex is an abomination to the Bible’s passages.

The Bible

Every wedding entourage in every Christian marriage, a Bible bearer is always included. The bearer is typically a boy who represents joy, innocence, and fertility. The Bible signifies that the couple is incorporating the word of God to their union, and hence, it should also be included in the ceremony.

The Coins or Aras

These are 13 coins, whether gold or silver, given by the bridegroom to his bride. This act symbolizes that husbands should surrender all of their income to their wives including the bonuses, which is the 13th coin. This recognizes the culture that women are the treasurers of the family while men are the breadwinners. However, in reality, it’s sometimes the other way around, or both persons are working, but it does not mean that guys would not give the money to their partners. After all, women are more mentally and physically matured when it comes to financial matters than men.

The Veil

There are two types of veils present in Christian weddings: one being worn over the face of the bride and the other being placed on the back of the couple and tied to their dresses by assigned persons. The veil over the bride’s face signifies virginity and this is only opened after the ceremony when the husband is allowed to kiss the bride. Meanwhile, the other veil is a piece of cloth designed to cover both person’s back since white symbolizes purity and peace. This symbolizes that both elements will be with the couple once they live in one home. Hence, brides don’t only look for empire silhouette wedding dresses online, but they also look for bridal gowns with veils.


The Candles

A candelabrum is placed in the sides of the couple and this will be lighted in a certain part of the wedding ceremony. The light of the candle signifies guidance given by the Holy Spirit to the newlyweds and the brightness that will dwell in their married life. On the other hand, a candle that dies because of sudden gust of wind signifies bad omen to the couple’s lives.

Christian weddings are mostly held in chapels and churches because a mass is also celebrated during the wedding. The mass being observed is a sacred celebration that symbolizes of the presence of Jesus Christ to their lives. While Christian masses sometimes differ because of the varying sects, the same reason behind the celebration remains the same. Also, a marriage held in church with the mass is deemed to be more sacred and solemn. D

Because of all these elements present in Christian weddings, couples-to-be make sure that they also set aside considerable amount of money for their church wedding. Fees like seminar fee, marriage banhs, booking or reservation fee, and package fees for the priest, can also be included for the budget.

Of course, the budget is never complete minus the bridal gown and the groom’s outfit. It is very necessary to consider for these factors because they need to be appealing and the centers of attention during this time. Getting inspirations from magazines or online websites that focus on wedding outfits like Bridesire should be done months prior to the wedding day. Remember that most ready to wear dresses need some alterations in a bit, especially those that are found online. Though most brides would definitely prefer to buy gowns locally, it is undeniable that most of the time, online sites offer a wide plethora of choices than local shops. Whichever option you choose, just see to it that the dress should already be in your hand at least 3 months before wedding day.

ATV Riding: A Fun and Dangerous Sport

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Riding and racing an ATV can be a very exciting activity, with a lot of challenging and picturesque trails to explore on your all-terrain vehicle. Although in some instances most individuals would challenge themselves more and would wish to experience more than just your ordinary ATV ride. They would want to maximize the thrill out of the whole ATV riding experience.

Whether you get yourself involved with ATV competitions or just merely enjoy doing ATV stunts, you are in for an adrenaline-induced experience. Although it can be enjoyable, it is important to note that this kind of sport also has its own dangers. Know that in accomplishing stunts with an ATV, one should not be new to riding one. If you really wish to learn and do some ATV stunts, there are a few things you should take time to consider.

Learn how to proficiently ride

Practically, in order for you to engage in this kind of activity, you should have an ATV to practice on. You can either borrow from a friend who has one, or if you’re really serious about it, purchase one of your own. There are a number of Chinese ATV manufacturers where you can buy your own vehicle at reasonable prices. Decide which suits you budget and be on your way to learning how to use one.

To do this, you must have very good control over your ATV. Remember that this isn’t just a one-time practice sport. You should be able to ride it often for you to really gain control and understand the physics of this activity. That is why it’s important that you have an ATV ready most of the time if you wish to be serious with this sport. ATV manufacturers have various types of ATV to choose from, decide which suits you best in terms of handling.

Initially, you can go practice on local trails and allow yourself to be proficient on them, start on the basic trails and slowly move on to the advanced ones.

If you aren’t able to handle the advanced or more challenging trails, it is certain that you will be having trouble in attempting any sort of stunt with your ATV. You have to invest more time in practicing until such time that controlling your vehicle becomes easier. Only then that you can accomplish any sort of stunt with it.

Equip yourself with the right safety gear

It is not a surprise that a sport like this would require you to use appropriate safety equipment. First you have to secure yourself a helmet for protecting your head. Also buy yourself riding gloves and leathers in practicing your stunts to decrease the chances of any sort of injury that may happen.

The appropriate riding outfit that you should wear is more than just your ordinary clothing. They will serve your armor that will help keep you from huge scrapes and more harmful injuries. Note that even though an ATV is relatively small, it can boost up in to really high speeds, which increases the chances of experiencing injuries from accidents.

Be cautious and practice

Doing ATV stunts are enjoyable to watch because they appear dangerous. It is because it’s the truth. ATV riding is a dangerous sport. It is only through a lot of practice and work that you will be able to expertly handle an ATV. People who choose to do ATV stunts professionally have reached that point not by being thoughtless and hasty but by being careful. There is no shortcut to this. An enthusiast should always begin practicing on an easier course before trying to do the more advanced stunts.


Learning will always start in observing other people who are already good at it. Learn from their techniques and familiarize yourself with this activity. Ask from advice from the experts and indulge yourself with the sport by watching actual stunt shows and read about it at online forums or on magazines.

Remember to always be careful. Start small and practice hard, only then that you will be able to accomplish ATV stunts and be proficient in the sport.

Becoming A Christian

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Imagine having an intimate relationship with someone who is always with you, someone who always has time for you, someone who always listens, someone you can talk to anytime – anywhere and who never leaves you or forsakes you. This is what being in a relationship with Jesus Christ is all about.

Does giving your life to Christ mean that all of a sudden everything in life becomes perfect? No, not at all. In fact, God promises that life will be filled with good times AND bad times and it is His love and grace that gets us through it all. We are to rely on Him at all times and we are to walk by faith even though we cannot see it.

The Bible (Basic Instructions BeforeLeaving Earth) is the model God gave us on how to live our lives. It outlines the ways in which we can live a fulfilling, purpose-filled and rewarding life and shows us the areas in which we should avoid. If you would like to take the first step in becoming a Christian, pray the following prayer:

“Heavenly Father, thank you for exemplifying the greatest display of love. Thank you for sending your son Jesus to die on the cross so that I may live free. God, I want you in my life and I invite the Holy Spirit to dwell in me this day forward. I ask for your forgiveness for the things that I have done wrong. Guide me to be more like you each and every day. I pray this in Jesus’ Heavenly name….Amen”

Once you have recited this prayer, find a local church that you can attend and begin to study and learn more about Jesus. Also, a course you may want to inquire about is Alpha or Youth Alpha as it is a wonderful introduction to faith in Christ.

Congratulations on beginning the journey of living a life for Christ!

God Bless


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Sandra Bork is heard from 6-9am, Monday Friday during The Morning Rush on London’s Positive Music Station, 105.9 grace fm. Nicknames: Sandy, Sandra B, Sbef Dessert:Tiramisu Hobbies: Love music, people (Hobbies?), photography, reading, scrapbooking and definitely shoe shopping. Sandra is a fun-loving, funny, coffee-fueled woman who likes to have FUN! She has graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI with a BA in Communications and more recently attended Fanshawe College where she studied Broadcast Journalism. Starting in January 2009, Sandra will be developing a News Dept for grace fm 105.9 featuring more local London news.

KYLE LEGOUFFE - Co-op Student
Kyle “The Co-op Kid” is back! grace fm 105.9 welcomes Kyle to The Morning Rush with Sandra B, Mon-Fri 6-9am. Kyle is taking the Broadcasting Course at Beal Secondary School and will be providing the daily sportscasts during The Morning Rush. You may also hear him in the 2 Minutes with a Knight segment Mondays and Fridays after the 8am, 3pm and 5pm news.

DALE ELLIOTT - Station Manager
Dale started at grace fm in 2003 as a volunteer, hosting The Saturday Night Flight. Next, Dale was hired on in 2005 to Co-Host The Morning Rush as well as take on the Promotions Director’s role. Dale became the Station Manager in late January 2008 and is enjoying serving the staff and volunteers. In September, Dale left The Morning Rush to hold down the Mid Day time slot from 12-3pm.

MARK (MJ) STAHLE - On-Air Host Diverse City- Sat 12-2pm
So what does “MJ” stand for? Well it really depends on the day! The standard — “M” for Mark (my name) and “J” for my lovely wife Julie OR Maybe a musical inspiration — MJ for one of the most creative and entertaining performers of our time –Michael Jackson OR if I’m in the mood for some Stellar Kart tunes — “MJ” for “Me and Jesus” Now what about the reason behind the name of the radio show? Why DIVERSE CITY? Well, first of all, I love Toby Mac’s album with the same title. But beyond that, my musical tastes are vast and varied…I really enjoy so many genres of music. My favourite musicians may have diverse sounds but they do share a few things in common. First — high standards of musical quality. Secondly — lyrics that honour God and life in His world. I hope that my playlists for DIVERSE CITY reflect the wide variety of musical tastes within the body of Christ. I want everyone to hear something that connects with them; and ultimately points toward Jesus. So now that we have the name thing sorted out, let me fill you in on a few details about myself. Well, let’s see. I’m a Grade Six teacher from Monday to Friday. I’m a first time daddy, 24-7. And I’m in love with a beautiful women of God, namely my wife, Julie. Of course there’s much more I could share about myself, but why don’t you just tune into 105.9 GRACE FM every Saturday from noon to 2 and I’m sure we’ll get acquainted. When you do, I’ll introduce you to another passion of mine — spinning diverse, God-honouring music for your weekend listening enjoyment.